Vidaclaros (Bright Life) are a race of beings, all humanoid, created when the energy of Madou galvanizes material into animation, and that energy perpetuates. It seems that only certain types of stone and gems are susceptible to this, for all Vidaclaro seen are either made of such material, or descended from one made of it, and have some on their body. Because of how they were created, they nearly all have Madou, and many have advanced Madou types. They can wield it and learn it with supreme ease, even when compared to those of similar power from another race. They may be of less strength than a human, but when both are shown a new technique, the Vidaclaro can immediately perform it perfectly and repeatedly, while the human practices. Vidaclaro also have the ability to use their Madou to temporarily give rise to others of their race, animating gems and stone into human form for some time. Vidaclaro appear to mainly inhabit the southern hemisphere.