The Vale of Mist is a mysterious and hallowed valley in the Montane Ring of the Šarratum Circle, the caldera of an extinct volcanic island which has become filled with a rainforest. It is important as the land of the sprites, as a refuge for many rare animals, and as the singular most religiously important place in the Circle. It houses the elusive panther, worshipped by the Akkados faith as a god and a reverence-entitled entity, as well as the Deific Rock, named as the G'ai'rhen in religion. The Deific Rock is important in the Ajjagar faith, the largest religion in, and official religion of, the Circle. It is said to be the rock from which Arramon, the deity of that religion, was born, and is said to contain its own monumental power, because of this holding the soul of the world. For this reason, G'ai'rhen's exact location within the Montane Ring is kept secret from most, and the Vale is rarely visited by any except those who know of its secret.

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