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Third Class Ritual Art: Reverse Flow
Japanese name 三等祝詞伎・流し
Alternate names Santou Noritogi: Gyaku Nagashi
Inventor Unknown
Users Arashi
Purpose Defensive
Type Madou
Class Basic
Color Varies
Similar techniques Yotou Noritogi: Gyaku Nagare
This spell allows a weaver to cancel out an opponents energy or Madou based attack by performing a technique of similar value with an opposite particle spin.  As such a the user must use a nearly identical amount of energy to cancel the opponents move.  This skill is only usable against Madou and energy based weapons, and cannot stop physical attacks of any sort.  It is reportably a difficult move to master as the timing and power used are crucial to the success of the technique.  Arashi has created a variant of this spell that utilizes his use of high energy particles to reverse an opponents attack back at its source.