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Third Class Ritual Art: Glass Shards
Japanese name 三等祝詞伎・ガラス片
Alternate names Santou Noritogi: Garasuhen
Inventor Unknown
Users Arashi
Purpose Offensive
Type Madou
Class Basic
Color Varies
This technique allows a weaver to destroy Rank Three or lower barriers into shattered pieces of Hakukon.  From there the user is then able to force the shards of Hakukon in a general direction, with a hand movement, usually toward the one who cast the barrier.  The shards of energy are able to stab and cut most things they come into come into contact with.  This spell requires energy equal to half of the energy required to create the barrier that is destroyed.  This Madou technique takes the color of the barrier that fuels along with any special properties that were embedded in the shield.  Arashi has shown that if this skill is used on one's own barrier it requires much less energy.