This article, Third Class Ritual Art: Flash Barrier, is property of Kazeyo.

Third Class Ritual Art: Flash Barrier
Japanese name 三等祝詞伎・閃光壁
Alternate names Santou Noritogi: Senkouheki
Inventor Unknown
Users Arashi
Purpose Defense
Type Madō
Class Basic
Color Varies

To perform this particular spell the user puts his/her hands together and encases themselves in the in a dome of Hakukon via their manipulation of Madou.  The strength of barrier along with the speed it forms is dependent on the users skill as a Weaver and the type of Hakukon they are using.  As such this spell can be used by any weaver and is consider a basic skill.  The first Weaver seen using this spell is Arashi who uses it do protect himself from shots fired from multiple .50 caliber weapons.

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