Theians are classified as winged elves, residing in the skies above Earth. They are similar to elves in that they share physical characteristics, though their biological structure and psychology due to their naturally open environments make them a completely separate species.

Biology Edit

Being capable of using their wings to fly in high altitudes, Theians are light-weight and tend to have small frames to lessen the load on their wings. However, this included them having hollow bones, making Theians fragile and prone to injury. Their average lifespan is lower than their land-bound cousins, akin to that of humans. Their skin tends to be lightly colored or even pale, though their plumage can range from pure white to a dark brown.

Half-breeds of Theians typically have heavier builds than pure-blooded Theians. Though they do develop wings like Theians, the wings of half-breeds typically hold little purpose, since the heavy build of a half-Theian prevents a person from being able to fly any considerable distance, if they could fly at all. Theians tends to view these half-Theians in a negative view due to their apparent uselessness.

Habitat and population Edit

Theians generally spend their time in the skies, flying for hours with little effort. However, they take refuge in the mountains to rest for a few hours before leaving the ground again.

Culture Edit

Language Edit

Society, government and politics Edit

The theians are not very unified, due to their general dislike to laws and rules. They tend to live in small, closely-knit groups, called clans, that know each other like a close family. The leader of a clan was chosen democratically, while re-elections occur every year.

Theians, with their claustrophobic behaviors, tend to avoid living with the people on Earth, though relations between them and the "landwalkers", as they call them, are typically favorable. They are especially friendly with Kuremans, as the two had the longest relations.

War Edit

Theians are fiercely proud of their culture and heritage, and an insult can quickly antagonize a Theian. Their facination with modern technology allowed Theians to be familiar enough to use mechanical devices, though they consider most of them cumbersome to carry for flight.

Behind the scenes Edit

The names Theia and Theian were derived from the name of the Greek Titaness, Theia.

The Dungeons & Dragons race Avariel (a sub-species of Elves) inspired the Theians.