Tarantan Symbol
Motto: For love and conquest
National Anthem: "None"
Capital Moras
Largest City Moras
Official Language(s) Tarantan, Common
Demonym Tarantan
Government Dictatorship
Emperor of Taranta Kanishka
Emperor Kanishka
Currency Daimonds ()
Country Code TN

Taranta (聖地) is a militaristic nation in the Kachuu Desert. It is not a member of the Higashi Treaty Organization simply due to the Emperor's wishes to remain as detached to foreign politics as possible. Fitting with the name of it's country, the entire nation as well as the land it resides in is in constant turmoil and strife. Despite this, however, many nations have found it strangely difficult to invade the country. This is due mostly in part by the Emperor's powerful Madō. People from Taranta are often referred to as Tarantans.

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