The Syren Princess refers to the syren that was captured by sea poachers and sold to a private institution for classified research. Unknown to the researchers, the syren princess was also classified as a weaver, due to her ability to manipulate water. Most of what is known about syrens stemmed from research on this particular syren. The princess' assigned test subject name was S-01, or Cassandra.

Biography Edit

Although born to syren royalty, the syren princess enjoyed the freedoms provided by the open waters. She was energetic at a young age, though easily frightened by motorized boats. As a young child, she was discovered to possess a rare power connected to shamans of ancient times. She was educated in its use, though much of her talents stemmed from self-practice and teaching, since there were no definite method of doing so.

The princess' love of freedom in the open waters proved to be her downfall, when she was spotted by poachers and captured. Taken to the surface and secretly sold to a private research facility in Kurema, the syren princess was given the experimental subject designation S-01 and nicknamed "Cassandra" by scientists.

While in captivity, Cassandra was subjected to a variety of experiments, traumatizing her and making her distrustful of "land-walkers," especially humans. The procedure continued for several months, causing Cassandra to be accustomed to pain and brutality. Her captivity was among the experiments leaked to the general public, causing a worldwide uproar.

Personality and traits Edit

Having been treated poorly by researchers, Cassandra remains pessimistic of all races that live on the surface. Her distrust in them, especially humans, have proved to be detriminal to her cooperation with scientists. Because she was experimented on for so long, Cassandra has a significant amount of experience in mental endurance, thus capable of handling more punishment than a typical syren. She also appears to hate needles.

Cassandra is notably bright, best seen with her rudimentary knowledge of the English language. Although never taught, the syren was capable of picking up essential words from observing others. However, her attempt to imitate it is far from satisfactory due to the distortion of sound when it enters water. She could write some of the Roman letters, though her understanding of grammar structures is minimal, making her attempts to write in English rather broken.

Behind the scenes Edit

The syren princess was designed mainly to create a bridge between the normally isolationist syren race with the rest of the world, in order to involve the species with the overlying Wazurai plot.