Agent Sinker or Sink, born Mikhael Durba, is a freelance veteran Sniper who served in the Winter War.
Glancing Sadow

Mikhael unmasked

Appearance Edit

He has short white hair and dark blue eyes. He is 7'15" and weighs 133 lbs. His suit as Sink often consists of a proffesional Splinter Cell jump-suit with nightvision optics attached to the helmet. A targeting reticule is added to the nightvision as a precausion. He keeps a black Bayonet sheathed on his back for close-encounter situations.

Mikhael in his Sniper suit

Personality Edit

Sink has a very cold and detached personality. It is shown through flashbacks of his past that trauma from the Winter War majorly affected him. Even Nikolai, who was with him during the Winter War, is not aware of the events that led to his current state (he was not around when the events occurred.) He also doesn't give out trust freely, being subject to give in to reflex when snuck upon and has a tendency to dislocate a limb. Nikolai, being around him enough, has developed tactics to avoid such reflexes unharmed (sneaking around him instead of behind and keeping his distance all the while.)

History Edit

Much of his childhood life is shrouded in mystery although it is noted that his father was involved with the government and thus the family had to be relocated often. Mikhael has stated on a few occasions of a great disdain he holds for his diseased father, the reasons of which he never explained. After recieving intense training under strict sergeants on the ways of camouflage, field craft, infiltration, reconnaissance, and observation. Immediately upon graduating Viktor Academy, he met and befriended Nikolai Z'Ive, who decided to avoid frontline combat and become his spotter. During the Winter War, many traumatic events lead to his becoming a cold, detached person.
Winter War Sink rifle

Sink using his Sniper rifle during the Winter War.