"None of us asks to be a hero. It just turns out that way."
―Seth Laninga

Air Marshal Seth Laninga (b. AD 1964) was the leader of the Kureman air force's Black Maw Squadron and a Kureman weaver. He was revered as one of the best pilots in Kureman history, combined with his knowledge of combative madō.

Biography Edit

At birth, it was discovered that Seth was a weaver. Since his parents were poor, they allowed Seth to be taken to the military to be trained, since his parents believed that the government would be able to take care of him better than they could. Due to this, Seth was taught combat techniques since the age of 7.

Personality and traits Edit

Seth was a perfectionist, demanding nothing less than the absolute best that his men could do. Because of this, the Black Maw Squadron's already prestigious name grew to become comparable to the army's Imperial Rangers. Due to his upbringing, Seth has a very strict discipline that he expected others to follow.

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