The Sengetsu Civil War was a conflict in Sengetsu that resulted in the exile of the Sengetsu rebels and the eventual formation of Kurema. Historians consider the war to have began in AD 256 at the Town Square Protest and ended at the Battle of Destined Pass in AD 263. The war resulted in victory for the Sengetsu government and the exiling of rebel forces to the region of present-day Kurema.

Beginning Edit

In the aftermath of Sengetsu's recent passing of laws, a large group of Sengetese were disillusioned and believed that the nature of the recent laws would lead to discrimination against unfavored peoples and started a massive protest in an attempt to repeal those laws. However, during the demonstration, a fight broke out and resulted in the deaths of protesters and police officers dispatched to oversee the progress of the protest. It remains unclear which side attacked first, but the event led to the beginning of the civil war.