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Second Class Ritual Art: Mystic Palm
Japanese name 二等祝詞伎・神呪
Alternate names Nitou Noritogi: Jinjushou
Inventor Unknown
Users Arashi
Purpose Offensive
Type Madō
Class Basic
Color Varies

This basic Madou skill is fire a burst of destructive energy.  Since this skill is not advanced in any way it doesn't require a certain type of Hakukon and instead adopts the type of energy that the Weaver is attributed toward.  When performed the user first draws a small pentagram with a ring around it, called the Signet, in midair via their energy.  With this done the user then puts their palm behind the pentagram and moves it before firing a ball of of energy at their desired target.  Advanced users can even move the signet without the use of their palm and fire multiple burst of energy without drawing the signet.  While normally this spell can only do moderate amounts of damage like leaving slight burns and causing small explosions, Arashi is able to use this spell far beyond its normal power enough to be potentially deadly and easily destroy a mid-size automobile or dislodge a helicopter from its flight.  As to indicate a difference in power Arashi's use of the technique is more of a blast of Hakukon than a ball.