The Samjokgo is an organization of elite, first-generation Vidaclaro, each composed of a different material, which works for the government of the Falkonik Empyre, mainly Josho Adashino personally.


Samjokgo is composed entirely of first-generation Vidaclaro, which means that they are not born from Vidaclaro parents, but created by Madou giving life to material. Vidaclaro such as these are exceedingly rare, so in order to allow this, another requirement is that they must be made by a former member's Madou. Therefore, when any of the Samjokgo's members begin to reach old age, they spend many hours attempting to create the next member. There may never be more than one member of the same gem material. It is implied that there is an unknown test to prove yourself as well.

List of MembersEdit

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