S'herlor are mystical embodiments of a target's most innermost definition, the manifest essence of everything. These "spirits" are not sentient, but instead are the wild forces that are brought onto the material plane by an Rhyioji utilizing their unique skills in Madō to coerce them from the focused image of that target which they are the embodiment of.


A S’herlor comes into being only when summoned, and so they are recreated, exactly the same and yet renewed entirely, each time an Rhyioji manifests them. This method is enacted by the usage of a special synchronization of the Rhyioji's unique breathing that allows them to be at perfect harmony with the target for manifestation of a S’herlor, and to then weave Madō into the concept of the target, and through their own being, while focusing entirely on the target, eclipsing themselves to the point where they have enveloped their identity into the target. However, if the Rhyioji is weak in spirit or emotion, or if they cannot synchronize properly with the target, then they may be unable to summon it. Also, if another person has gained a particularly strong hold over the power of a target, through a personal attachment to it, then that S’herlor will be unusable against them and possibly their will.

The Basics Edit

The most basic and common technique Rhyioji use when summoning a S’herlor is the basic use of the spirit to attack their opponent by way of strikes of pure force. When beginning, these attacks, while they may be powerful, will not do much. However, when the user progresses, they can use the attributes unique to that S’herlor's energy, increasing their power greatly. They can also draw the energy into themselves for healing or powering their attacks up to a higher level.


S’herlor can also be used for more complicated techniques, known as Arts, some of which are rather common, though they have many uses and variety, and others of which are the trademark techniques of a group or individual. These Arts involve the usage of the S’herlor's traits against the opponent, or else using their energy to cause events to happen. They are used to put the force of spirits to different uses, often only as a gateway for their abilities. Some Arts require S’herlor of a specific kind, while others simply put any available S’herlor to use.