"We Stand Tall!"
―Ramil's inspirational chant

Ramil Irmhild was the leader of Malamig as well as the leader of the Communist Party following the original leader of the Malamig Communist Party. Said to be the greatest leader the Malamig or the Paghalay or Malamig have ever seen, Ramil has totally revamped the entire country turning it into a politcal and economic powerhouse.


Ramil Dossier photo


Serving as a soldier for the Malamig Communist Party during the Paghalay Civil War, Ramil rose up in the ranks and befriended the leader of the party at the time. With his wife, after the defeat of the Communist Party, they fled to the North with the other refugees. Maintaining his role as a major factor in the Communist Party, after the fall of the previous Chairman of the Communist Party, Ramil rose to power.

Establishing many major factors of Malamig, ranging from the use of Green Houses to the establishment of Project 45, Ramil became a hero to the people.

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