The panther is a large feline-like creature, with only one known specimen, living in the Vale of Mist within the Šarratum Circle. It takes the form of a giant, sleek feline. It is typically low-slung except when its back is arched, but its form is oddly fluid, retaining its main shape and structure but often seeming to warp or redistribute mass, and form odd appendages using this ability. It is melanistic, its fur black with a mixture of dark purples and blues, but its color is also known to change. These color and form changes seem to be related to the incense that it puts out from two chemical-creating orifices within its shoulder bones, which emerge through its head. This incense is a powerful odor, increased in strength by its roars, that draws other animals to it for consumption. The odor also draws magic, which it can release with a different roar. It has highly unnatural longevity, with immortality often being attributed to it, and has survived for several centuries at least.

The panther is a significant creature in Šarratian beliefs, with common folklore, descended from ancient tribal beliefs, saying that multiple panthers were the preferred mounts of Reavers, a kind of dark spirit. It is present in many modern religions as well, with only the Ajjagar faith giving it no part in their beliefs, though it is sometimes considered, even in that faith, as a non-divine but mystic guardian. The Akkados religion considers it a god in itself, andit is the primary object of their worship. The incense it produces is held to be the essence of majesty or divinity. Collected by high-ranking priests, it is used by Akkadosi Mado users in their Incensing practices.

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