Operation Valkyrie is a plan originally designed to transfer leadership in the case of an attempt to take over the central government of Kurema. However, it has been modified by ultra-nationalists in preparation to take over the country in a coup.

Text Edit

The Prime Minister of Kurema has been assassinated. Collaborators are attempting to use this opportunity to assume control over the Fatherland. In this hour of utmost danger, the government of Kurema has placed a state of emergency and a transfer in executive power. Executive powers of the Kureman government is to be transferred to the provincial governments of Nagant, Korkant, and Suant.

The holders of executive power are granted control over:

  1. All sections of the Kureman Armed Forces, including special forces, within their area of command.
  2. All public authorities, including law enforcement, security police, and administrative police.
  3. All office bearers within the government of Kurema and its provincial governments.
  4. All transportation services and public utilities.

The holders of executive power have the responsibility to uphold and maintain order and security within the Fatherland, as well as maintain communications and eliminate all elements of the Kureman Intelligence Agency.

Any opposition against the military power of enforcement is to be broken ruthlessly. In this hour of great internal strife, unity of the armed forces and maintenance of full discipline is of the utmost requirement. It is the duty of all officers within the army, navy, and air force to support the holders of executive power in carrying out their difficult task with all means at their disposal and to guarantee the compliance of their directives by the subordinate sections. It is up to the Kureman soldier's energy and diligence in defending the Fatherland in this historic moment.

Behind the scenes Edit

The operation is named after the operation of the same name that allowed the July 20th plot to move forward. The text of the operation is strongly based off of that of the original source.

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