Operation Gabriel is a Šarratian plan of defense, in case of a military emergency in which the nation's capability to defend itself from invasion using its cecaelian defenses and the Šarratian Special Defense Force is compromised, most commonly cited as a threat of large-scale invasion or rising international tension. It is meant to provide the very best possible method of counteracting the possibility of an organized invasion from multiple points on the shore.


Operation Gabriel was created by Emperor Vahagn I in order to replace the outdated military plans which had been formed during the period where the Šarratum Circle was forbid an official standing military of any kind, and only slightly modified over the ages. Operation Gabriel accounted for the Circle's better-trained personnel, and took into account the low number of military personnel granted to it by the Šarrakkad Accord, attempting to utilize the limited resources of the nation as best as possible in the case of an attack.


Very little of Operation Gabriel's details have been released to the official public, as it is meant to be a last defense and therefore cannot be completely declassified for fear of strategies being modified to bypass it. The known details include that it is made primarily of three steps: the first, the posting of ships around the lake's perimeter and deployment of infantry and tanks to the shore; the second, the strategic dispersion of forces around the nation in case of an enemy force bypassing the first line of defense; and the third, a contingency plan for evacuation and defense of civilians in areas likely to be targeted.

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