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The Nezha (哪吒, Divine Protectors) are a race of people who live in the nation of Chong Xiao. They are a very peaceful and powerful race, who lie detached from the rest from the world. They are famed for their use of "soul" Madō. They live on the tops of the mountain range in Higashi. They have their own religion and beliefs, and generally avoid any contact with other cultures.

Origin Edit

The Nezha were originally a group of people who sought enlightenment and peace above all else, separating themselves from civilization and finding their own way to reach "heaven". They were able to separate their body and soul, crafting their own magic and connecting it to their now detached, immortal soul. This allowed them for great telepathic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis and mind reading. High between the mountains, they exalted their abilities to the highest possible points, pushing both body and mind to unseen levels.

Social Structure Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Nezha is the name of a Taoist protection deity.

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