Minami (南, South) is the smallest continent on the Earth in Wazurai. It is also the continent furthest south and the only one with water surrounding it on all four sides, giving it the appearance of a large island. It is considered to be the home of the Sirens, since the most recorded sightings were located there.

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Minami is the smallest continent on the planet, and is the only one surrounded on all four sides by water. It is dominated by tropical forests, and has a small range of mountains that cuts across northeast side, and runs all the way down the island from northeast to southwest.

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The Sirens are a population of aquatic people who reside in the oceans around the world, said to have originated from the Devil's Triangle. Despite this, they are not a very diverse people. In history, female sirens were said to seduce sailors and cause shipwrecks among other forms of bad luck.