The Military Engagement Uniform, better known as the MEU, is the standard uniform of the Kureman Army. It has faced a number of modifications over the years as military technology progressed, though the basic design has remained similar throughout is modifications.

Mark I Edit

The Mark I battledress has been placed in disuse due to the significant advancements in uniform technology. It featured very little technological components and was quickly replaced by the Mark II battledress once it entered mass production.

Mark II Edit


MEU Mark II battledress.

The Mark II battledress is the standard uniform of the modern Kureman army. It features a variety of high-tech components utilized to quicken the ability to determine the identity of individuals in a combat zone, allowing soldiers to coordinate their tactics more efficiently.

There are two varieties of shirts with the Mk.II. One of these uniforms was the Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) which protected its wearer from burns, as well as utilizing fabrics to ease ventilation of body heat. It was most commonly utilized in warm environments where the heat could pose an issue for soldiers. The other uniform used was the Mountain Combat Uniform (MCU), which was designed for soldiers to wear in cold environments. The attire featured padding for the limbs to protect oneself in rugged terrain like the mountains that the Kureman population is accustomed to. All pockets use velcro for ease of access, as combat adrenaline reduces one's basic motor functions.

Mark III Edit


MEU Mark III battledress

The Mark III is a step up in terms of technological advancements. These uniforms are highly expensive: they are not yet mass produced by the Kureman government due to their desire to reduce the incredible cost to manufacture. However, they have still found their way into the military, in the hands of the Imperial Rangers. The Mark III's most prized asset was the weaving of nanotechnology within the textile, enabling light refraction. In short, it allows the user to become completely invisible.

Alongside this perk, the Mark III components include a built-in mortar launcher linked to a targeting camera located on the user's combat helmet. The munitions used in the launcher contains enough explosive power to disable a main battle tank.

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