The Maluth were native humans that lived in the north of the continent Nishi. Organized in nomadic tribes, the maluth traveled through the forests, and occasionally into the Ōkina Mountains, to follow the herds of deer that supply much of their food. They were not very welcoming of outsiders, even the native elves that resided to the south, content with living in isolation.

History Edit

Society Edit

The Maluthi were composed of a number of different tribes.

Religion Edit

Art Edit

Maluthi art comprised primarily of small wooden sculptures. Because of the need to travel light, these sculptures were often left behind, marking a Maluthi camp.

Language Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

The word "maluth" is derived from the Icelandic word máluð, which means painted. The Maluth is based off of the Pict people; picti is Latin for painted, generally referring to the people as "painted ones."

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