The Khimiyan Rakhate was the most significant rakh-ruled society of the Šarratum Circle, and one of the earliest civilizations to surface in that region. Remaining highly significant over more than a millennium, it was a major combatant in the Consolidation War, and became a major province of Šarrakkad. Following the establishment of the Šarratian Empire, it retained its position.

During the time of the Šarratian Empire, the rakhs of the Khimiyan Rakhate were the second most important family in the Circle, with only the imperial family preceding them in the line of succession. Çerıbıhan, a rakh of the Khimiyans, was in fact groomed to become Emperor, due to the lack of an heir apparent, but when the emperor had a child unexpectedly late in his life, the rakh rebelled, seceding from the Empire with the War of Çerıbıhan. After this, the Rakhate and the Empire conducted a number of wars over multiple centuries, until the Rakhate rejoined the Empire following its definitive defeat in the Bloody Succession.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Khimayan Rakhate is loosely based on the Crimean Khanate.

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