Jill Esposito

Jill Esposito is a human mercenary from Australasia. Due to the fact she once saved an entire battalion of the Australasian army from another mercenary, the government has allowed her to work as she pleases so long as it does not harm one of Australasia's non-criminal citizens or any of their allies' citizens.


Jill is rambunctious and tomboyish, preferring the company of males to other girls. When not on the job, she can often be found at bars, parties, or raves enjoying herself. She secretly has a thing for quiet, "nerdy" boys, contrary to her partygirl personality. Also, despite her preference for the less-fair sex, her best friend and business partner is a Canberran named Shiela. The two have been as close as two people can get. They've been the best of buddies ever since the day they met. In fact, they are roommates and treat each other as sisters would treat each other.



Jill about to use one of her madou.

Jill is a Weaver, meaning she can use her hakukon to use magic, or madou. She uses spell tags to enhance her magical abilities. She is an elemental magic user, and has so far mastered electric and water magics. She usually does not name her techniques and just calls them, for example, lightning bolts or a shield of water. She combines her water magic with Shiela's fire magic to create steam magic, which the both of them can manipulate to scald enemies.

Even without the use of her inner energies Jill is still extremely strong and agile to the point that the Australasian government has often asked her to compete in the Olympics for them. It is not known how she can be so strong yet have relatively lithe arms but it is suspected by doctors that she has a unique adaptation that releases a special enzynme that causes bacteria in her bloodstream to give her a natural boost in strength similar to an adrenaline rush. Jill is also trained in the use of most modern weaponry. She usually never goes on a mission without a handgun of some sort. She's also quite handy with a sword, though she finds swords too elegant to use in combat and prefers to display them in her home.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jill's appearance is based on the character Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia. The creator's intent is to use as few illustrations for his characters on this wiki as possible, and so used the cosplayer "Yueri" as a model. Her website is If she wishes for the pictures to be removed, she needs only to ask.