An IAS soldier rappelling down a building.

The Imperial Air Service (IAS) is the special forces branch of the Kureman Army. They have largely kept their operations hidden from the public view, with their exploits attributed to the regular army. However, they have a tendency to declassify their operations around 100 years after its execution. In doing so, their achievements could be recorded while keeping their strategies and methods undercover.

They have been credited for their use of cutting-edge technology, allowing them to perform missions that other special forces groups may have difficulty in performing.

Equipment Edit

Their equipment is mostly what the Kureman army can provide. The IAS do, however, have access to special equipment too expensive to be mass produced for the army, such as anti-infrared suits designed to render one invisible to infrared vision. As a Tier Two unit, the IAS is intended to operate in scenarios difficult for conventional military. However, they are superceded by the Tier One element known as the Imperial Rangers.

Behind the scenes Edit

"The soldier of the future is an F-16 on legs."
―Jean-Louis DeGay (U.S. Army Natick Research and Development Engineer)

The Imperial Air Service is inspired by the Special Air Service in name and by Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in content.