Huguins are a species of sapient Penguin that live under the surface of Antarctica in small colonies.

Biology and Society Edit

Huguins are closely related to the Emperor Penguin, which also lives in Antarctica. Much like the Emperors, they are tall, but still shorter than most humans at four feet tall. They lay eggs which are incubated for 3 months before they hatch. Huguins are primarily fish-eaters, but can eat meat as well. They speak with a series of clicks and grunts due to their vocal chords, but if taught, can speak in a few human languages including Italian, English, and Spanish, albeit with difficulty. They are excellent swimmers, able to swim at up to 40 miles per hour. Their large lungs allow them to stay underwater for over 8 hours at a time. They are the only known species unable to utilize madou, but some have displayed an ability to harness qi.

Huguin society is divided up into several jobs in a sort of caste system. Each huguin is born into a caste, and has a role to fulfill until retirement. In society, each caste is considered higher or lower than another, with King being higher than all others. They are in order as follows:

  • King: The head of all Huguin society, he makes, interprets, and maintains all laws. Anyone who breaks a law is brought before him to explain their reasonings for doing it before they are sentenced. There is only ever one king in the world at a time. The current king is named Ooka. The king is the first-born son of the previous king.
  • Queen: The breeding caste for warriors and holyguins, all queens are loyal to the king. Of note is that this is the only caste that isn't born as a caste- the king chooses 5 queens for himself.
  • Warrior: This caste is taught from a young age how to manipulate weapons with their flippers. They defend the colonies from giant sea birds that hunt the young. They are also the police force of the huguins.
  • Priest/Priestess: Also called "holyguins", they act as interpreters of  the penguin religion known as Ooahaa. This is the only caste that can't breed under huguin law. They also act as teachers to young huguins of castes above drone.
  • Hunter: These huguins hunt for fish far from the colonies. They can breed, but as they rarely see the colony to lay eggs, hunter eggs are the prized young of the colony and are handled with utmost care. They are cared for so much there are only two known cases of broken hunter eggs.
  • Drone: The most basic huguins, they take care of running markets, sorting supplies, making goods, and other miscellaneous tasks.They are looked down upon by the other castes.