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Fourth Class Ritual Art: Reverse Flow
Japanese name 四等祝詞伎・流れ
Alternate names Yotou Noritogi: Gyaku Nagare
Inventor Arashi
Users Arashi
Purpose Defensive/Offensive
Type Madou
Class High Energy Particles
Color Varies
Similar techniques Santou Noritogi: Gyaku Nagashi
A variation on the Santou Noritogi: Gyaku Nagashi this technique, unique to Arashi, allows him to redirect an opponents attack back toward its source at twice its normal power.  He accomplishes this by beginning to cancel out out his opponents attack, similarly to this skill's parent spell, with his own Madou of equal energy and opposite spin.  However, unlike the parent technique before the two techniques cancel each other out, Arashi takes control of the mass of energy, namely his opponents energy with his manipulation of high energy particles, and forces its spin in the direction of his original spell.  Together, his and his opponents blend together and are directed according to the user's will.  Since half of the energy that this technique utilizes comes from the opponent, the user of the technique can perform a massive attack without using an equally massive amount of energy.