Alternate names Levitation
Users Weavers (see Characters who can fly)
Purpose Movement
Type Madō
Class Basic magic
Similar techniques Qinggong

Flight is a basic Madō skill, that can be used by almost any Weaver. It works by gathering madō and hakukon beneath the user and then gliding on it, much like one would lie on a surf board. Flight cannot be used for long distance traveling, it is mainly used by weavers to cross their specific nation or country, but nothing international. The reason for this is that the technique rapidly consumes energy, and once out, the user would fall out of the sky and die in the end, most likely. Flight speed can vary from 1-100 miles per hour (mph), however, the faster the user goes, the more energy is consumed. Also depending on the species the user is, there may be restrictions on how high they can ascend before breathing difficulties occur.