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First Class Ritual Art: Seal
Japanese name 一等祝詞伎・封印
Alternate names Ittou Noritogi: Fuuin
Inventor Unknown
Users Arashi
Purpose Supplementary
Type Madō
Class Basic
Color None
This basic technique is the simplest of all known Madou seals.  To perform the technique the user just needs to point at a target and speak the word "Fuuin."  Skilled weavers can even bypass both pointing and the verbal activation.  This skill simply puts a weak seal on a location that prevents it from moving.  This skill is usually performed on doors to keep them locked, and to prevent to the movement of an opponent's limb.  It can easily be removed by a Weaver with the command "Kaiin" and is usually useless agains a weaver, unless it is being used as a distraction.  This skilled can be used in quick succession, but multiple seals cannot be placed on exactly the same target to increase the seal's effect.  If the seal is performed carefully it can stop liquid, air, or energy from passing through piping, wiring, or channels in the human body.