Falkonik Reinado(Portuguese for "Falkonik Reign") is the name given to the forces of the Falkonik Empyre as a whole. Overall, they have approximately 4.5 million troops, though only 2.5 million active



The Falkonik Reinado has a standard land force of approximately 1.1 million active troops, split into twelve groups of around 900,000 in times of peace, one under each member of the Governance, and split situationally during war.

Training & EquipmentEdit

The Falkonik Army receives between six and nine years of training before being cleared for duty, meaning that while they could possibly be larger than they are, every man is highly-effective and, in theory, worth more than the difference in troops. They utilize standard rifles, but their most proficient and prolific weapons are updated AA-12 shotguns, which can fire semi-automatic or automatically, with the automatic firing 350 rounds per minute. These can also fire fragmentation grenades, and have an automatic capability of 60 grenades a minute. The last feature of these is their ability to be fired remotely, and are commonly attached to miniature helicopters for assault.



The Falkonik Reinado has a naval force of 900,000 active troops.


The naval troops are stationed, proportionate to threat, on any of many special naval stations across the globe, which are self-sustaining communities afloat, with families and their own economies aboard as well. The largest of these is called San Damia.

Air ForceEdit

The Air Force of the Falkonik Reinado has around 600,000 active troops, and is currently not on call, and thus has very little knowledge of itself in the outside world.

Special ForcesEdit

The Falkonik Reinado has a secret fourth division, of a few thousand men at most, which is currently working out of a base in Antarctica to produce new weapons, which are based on works of Nikola Tesla stolen by a spy.


  • Teleforce
  • Anti-Gravity Aircraft
  • Earthquake Generator
  • Mechanical Oscillator
  • Thought Camera