The economy of Kurema is one of the largest in Higashi, with a GDP of KMD 9.4 trillion (WSC 6.4 trillion) as of 2010, under a state capitalist mixed economy. Kurema was noted as having a very low unemployment rate, relatively stable GDP growth rate, and a major importer of goods. Although they have been in debt for much of their early history, Kurema developed into an production powerhouse since the Industrial Revolution.

History Edit

At its founding, the Kureman confederation was economically troubled due to the lack of desire for a number of Kureman representatives to engage with trade with other countries, especially with their recent enemy Sengetsu. Also, due to the widely nomadic nature of Kuremans in the mountainous terrain, few goods were produced, making it difficult for Kurema to export their products.

After the establishment of the Empire of Kurema, Emperor Wuopio ordered a number of people to construct terraces and farm the land. The wealth of individuals of this time were determined by how much food that person possessed: one koku was the amount of food that can feed a person for a year.

Infrastructure Edit

A lot of work was placed in Kureman infrastructure, due to the difficulty of traveling by foot in past history. Tunnels were blasted in a number of Kureman mountains in order to provide ease of travel for many citizens traveling by car.

Public railway systems allow citizens to transit throughout the country, which were often packed with people during rush hour. Due to the nation-wide railway system, many Kuremans opt to travel by train instead of vehicles.

Macroeconomic trend Edit

Services Edit

Industry Edit

Agriculture Edit

Due to the industrialization of Kurema, agriculture only accounts for about 10% of the total output of the country. Due to this, Kurema strongly relies on imports of foodstuffs to sustain its population. Its produce consists mainly of mushrooms.

Labor force Edit

Kuremans enjoy a low unemployment rate, due to the laws regarding employment regulations.

Law and government Edit

Kurema was distinguished as an economy with low corporate taxes contrasted by intricate labor rights laws. Despite this, the Kureman government has heavy restrictions on trade unions that are in the country aiming to minimize the negative impacts associated with these unions.

Culture Edit

Current issues Edit

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