Daymian (ダミアン, Damian) born (b. AD 1991 is a very powerful Shade and is one of the few left in the world after the Shade Civil War. He was the second born to his parents and he hates his older brother. Like most Shades he has Psionic powers and has been noted that he has the most refined form of it as he can lift things several times his own weight.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • High Level of Intelligence: His brain works like a super computer in order to keep up with his bodies increased senses, To this effect he can analyzed large amounts of information rapidly.
  • Daymian's seal

    Madou seal

    Daymian's seal

    Madou seal release

    Heightened Senses: Due to him being a shade his natural senses are all increased to abnormal levels; He is able to see far distances and hear sounds on a different spectrum than regular humans. He has noted that he can see the world on a different spectrum and that nothing is invisible to him as he can view infrared and ultraviolet rays. To this effect he often keeps his eyes sealed behind a powerful Madō.
  • Sixth Sense: He has a sixth sense and it manifest as it does in most shades as Telekinesis, He has been noted to be the most proficient with his telekinetic powers that he can erect barriers and repel things up to fifty times his own weight.
  • Increased Speed: He can use his telekinesis to move at instantaneous speeds, this however is dangerous for him to do as he cannot see the world around him at high rates of speed due to tunnel vision, as such its only used to evade incoming attacks he cant repel.
  • Madou: While he isnt as versed in this art as Weavers, he is able to use his madou to create a seal to bind his senses so that they dont overwhelm him.

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