Alternate names Skeletal Ravens
Inventor Erguer Adashino
Users Erguer Adashino
Purpose Offense/Defense/Supplementary
Type Madō
Class Summoning Madō

Erguer can summon a vast multitude of skeletal ravens, any size he wishes. With these he is able to fight off great numbers by himself, aided by his own guards, as it were. He can summon miniature, centimeter sized ones that deliver messages, or enormous ones that kill platoons of men with ease. He also has the ability to summon one around himself, with him in its chest cavity, to allow him to fly. These ravens also have extremely good sight, and can relay to him, by way of physical contact, or by desummoning them and having the information return to the summoner, whatever they see, though not what they hear or think. One of the more specialized abilities he has demonstrated with these is the power to leave his body and reside in the form of a skeletal raven.

Sol LabaredaEdit

Sol Labareda (Sun Flame) is a Hakukon-utilizing technique which Erguer uses when aided by the Corvósséa. From the beak of one, and sometimes the eyeholes as well, he bursts a flare of Hakukon which can damage and possibly burn the opponent, as well as disrupting their Hakukon effectively. He named it after an elite weaver from a conquered nation described his Hakukon while preparing the technique as "The candle of our Hakukon, leaping to the sky, and blazing like the sun of our gods."

Fósseis InfinitoEdit

Erguer has demonstrated the ability to fuse, by using Hakukon, with the bones of ravens, allowing for flight. He also has shown a form he refers to as Fósseis Infinito, Fossil of Infinity, where he fuses with innumerable raven skeletons, becoming a creature of bones and wings, with ravens extending from him. In this merged form, he has stated that he is incredibly powerful, and few attacks can damage him in this state, as well as gaining immense strength and offensive capabilities. This form can be made even more powerful by using the essence of a Bemalma instead of Hakukon to fuse, allowing for free usage of its energy, and power-backed physical attacks.