The Bloody Succession was an armed conflict between different factions of the Šarratian Empire, and later the Khimiyan Rakhate, which began in 1717 and lasted eight years until 1725. The spark of the Succession was the assassination of the emperor and all living familial heirs to the Tinimrath Dynasty, which was carried out on command of Rakh Ecthımıs of the Khimiyans. Tensions rose quickly, and accusations over the assassination and succession turned into a violent civil war, which enveloped the Khimiyan Rakhate as well once Ecthımıs' claims of being the true heir made his hand in it clear. The bloodiest of the Šarro-Khimiya Wars, the Succession only ended with the death of Ecthımıs and his heirs, and the utter defeat of the Rakhate, resulting in the reuniting of the Rakhate and Empire. This war marked the beginning of the Aelroy Dynasty and the decline of the Empire.

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