The Animus





The Animus (lit. Spirit, Soul) are a race that live in Aetos. Though they too have humanoid forms, the main difference between the Animus, and the humans is that this race is united throughout their land. Other races are not aware of their existance since they practice isolationism.


The Animus have a united civilization. They are as advanced in technology compared to that of humans, but are more nature bound than they are, not being wasteful and destructive with the environment.

The craftsman of the land forge their blades simply through magic manipulating the elements, this natural way of making blades has created some of the finest weaponry known. Though preferring blades, the Korou also are known for technological marvels, many of which have been shown in use by the nation of Aetos, the nation where the Animus settled.

Powers AbilitiesEdit

The Animus can be called cursed or blessed depending on the circumstances. Each are mainly human in appearance, and as such it is not uncommon for a person to not know of their true nature. Each is set upon them a task they must complete within an alotted amount of time. If they fail, they morph into mindless beasts, suffering a fate worse than death. If they succeed however, they are granted a great and unique power. Even before this, they are granted abnormally great physical and mental strengths, and are all weavers, though their skill with Madou varies. They are known for swordsmanship, craftsmanship, and hand-to-hand combat prowess. There are many different styles of combat, but all are brutally effective.

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