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Magic Sheild


Alternate names Magic Aura
Inventor Ryan Summers
Users Ryan Summers
Purpose Offense/Defense
Type Madō
Class Dark Madō
Color      , it's sword is      
Similar techniques Alchemy: Black Flame's Sword
Shield of Alchemy

Alchemy is a type of Dark Magic unique to Ryan Summers, and is the basis for a great number of his techniques and most of his fighting style. It is a technique that is deeply rooted in Ryan's emotions. It's basic stage makes Ryan's aura visible and it enhances his magic as well as his strength and speed. He can then begin partial transformations; which he can skillfully manifest as a mere ribcage around himself for a strong defense or a larger form capable of attacking others. In it's full form, Ryan's alchemy creates a spiritual being resembling a yamabushi. Either in it's half form, or it's full form, it protects Ryan from all but the most powerful attacks. It can also materialize a sake bottle, which, in times of great rage, spews a blade of black flames which it can use to incinerate targets. Like the other magical techniques, Alchemy comes with its own risks. To sustain use of Alchemy, Ryan must act as a medium for the spirit, allowing it to consume his life force energy. This puts a severe strain on his body, often causing him to cough up blood. Even while using Alchemy's in its "half" form, Ryan describes it as feeling pain in every cell in one's body. Prolonged use will lead to the user's death.

Trivia Edit

This technique finds basis in Naruto's Susano'o and Amaterasu.