The 5th Assault Squadron, also known as Pantera Squadron due to their call sign Pantera, is a combat squadron of the Kureman Imperial Air Force. Pilots of this squadron specialized in breaching enemy defenses and assaulting heavy defense emplacements. They used a variety of fighter jets, though they have a tendency to utilize multirole fighters due to having to cover various types of enemy units. Pantera Squadron had the lowest life expectancy rate of all KIAF squadrons due to the inherent danger of entering the combat zone first.

Purpose Edit

Pantera Squadron's primary duty is to perform air assault operations against heavily fortified enemy defenses. Their primary objective typically is to eliminate all forms of anti-air weapon emplacements to allow the other, more vulnerable squadrons to enter the combat zone to perform their duties.

Personnel Edit

No pilots of Pantera Squadron are known by name, though members of the squadron typically feel that they are on par, if not better, than the 4th Special Operations and Tactics Squadron. When referring to their affiliation with the KIAF, a Pantera Squadron pilot will typically say "Pantera," rather than a more general description.

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